Pines Meadow Surg1Pines Meadow laser

Aimee and Dr. Albano performing surgery using the surgical laser. Pictured (right) is the surgical laser machine. Laser surgery cauterizes the blood vessels and nerve endings which reduces bleeding and post surgical pain.

Pines Meadow Surg 2Pines Meadow Anesthesia

Aimee and Dr. Albano are performing a teeth cleaning and polishing. To be done properly, this procedure requires general anesthesia. One person is strictly devoted to monitoring the patient. This is aided by electronic equipment. Pictured (right) is the anesthesia machine which administers a gas anesthetic along with oxygen. This enables us to precisely control the level and length of anesthesia.

Pines Meadow Monitor1Pines Meadow Videootoscopemachine1

On the left is a Vital Signs Monitor which displays the heart rate, electrical activity of the heart (EKG), oxygen level in the blood, body temperature, and respiratory rate. On the right is a Video Otoscope. This piece of equipment allows us to magnify and view the deep structures in your pet’s ear to provide a more accurate diagnosis. The Video Otoscope also captures pictures for your viewing. Pre-procedure and post-procedure pictures are valuable pieces of information for you the pet owner.