There are two surgical “bandages” that can be performed to help protect an injured eye. These natural protective coverings can seal small fluid leaks from the eye, prevent the eye from drying out, prevent the pain from sunlight, and actually help heal wounds on the surface of the eye.

This is sometimes called a “nictitans flap.” Pets have an extra eyelid that lies inside the other two lids and is attached to the inside corner of the eye. This eyelid has a small lymph node on the back side which helps produce tears as well as has the ability to help in the healing process of an injured eye. In this procedure, the third eyelid is pulled up over the eyeball and sutured to the skin just above the outer corner of the eye. Medications may be instilled before the flap is sutured up over the eye. Additional medications may be applied to the outer surface of this eyelid and will then passively flow behind the lid to medicate the eye. This flap is then left sutured over the eye for 7-14 days. This flap is removed simply by removing the sutures.

In this procedure, a thin layer of the conjunctiva directly covering the eye is dissected loose and then sutured over the eye lesion. Once healing is completed, this particular type of flap requires cutting the tissue attachment loose to fall off.