Obesity in cats is a serious condition. Obesity may be a major factor in many conditions:

• Arthritis, “Slipped Disc”, and torn or strained ligaments.
• Respiratory problems associated with endurance and exercise.
• Heart problems from overwork.
• Liver Disease (Hepatitic Lipidosis)
• Dystocia difficulty in giving birth.
• Diabetes.
• Heat Stroke due to a decreased ability to control heat.
• Skin problems
• Excessive gas and/or constipation.
• Lowered resistance to disease.
• Anal gland impaction and infection.
• Increased risk for anesthesia and surgery.

OBESITY REDUCES YOUR CAT’S LIFE SPAN!!! (And also its enjoyment of life!)


OVEREATING!! (90% of all cases.)
Lack of exercise.
Lowered metabolism.
Emotional trauma.
Hormonal imbalances.

Before developing a weight-reduction program, a complete medical evaluation should be conducted to rule out any underlying medical conditions. There are many conditions that may affect the desired rate of weight loss or diet selected for the specific pet’s weight-reduction program.

Restriction of caloric intake is essentially the only way to make a cat lose weight. Cats are unlikely to receive sufficient exercise to make much difference.

Starvation diets or simply overly restricting food volume in the cat may result in a fatal liver disease know as “hepatitic lipidosis.” This condition is a result of excessive accumulation of fat in the liver. Overweight cats are “primed” for the condition because of the excess fat accumulation in the body. Whenever the cat takes in less calories than is needed to maintain normal body functions, fat tissues of the body are mobilized. Once this fat enters the bloodstream, much of it becomes stored in the liver resulting in a very serious medical condition.

Feline weight reduction programs do work, but must be monitored very closely by the veterinarian to ensure the serious complication of hepatitic lipidosis does not occur.

We will make the best recommendations for your cat once we have done a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine the best course of action.