Usually diagnosed by ruling out other possibilities.
Often hereditary these pets should not be bred.
Usually seizures begin between six months of age and five years of age.
Often initially show as only as a period of weakness or unawareness.

Not recommended if seizures are four to six weeks apart or longer.

Will be required twice daily
May require a combination of drugs.
There is no cure only attempt to control seizure.
It takes time to get seizure medication regulated properly be patient!
Medication may become ineffective after a period of time requiring altered dosages
Or different medications. Medications sometimes will not control seizures effectively.
Liver Function Tests are necessary every six months while on medication since
Drugs can be detrimental to the liver.
If your pet has a seizure you should:

Remain calm.
Do not put your hand into your pet’s mouth.
Be sure the dog is in environment where he will not harm itself. Remove nearby sharp objects and water.
Observe your pet closely and call the clinic if the actual seizure is still continuing after 10 minutes.
Call the clinic for medication adjustment if the pet is on preventive medication.