What if my pet refuses to eat?Eating on Schedule is important!
What if I cannot get a urine sample?Needed to monitor insulin dosage.
What if I am not sure that I gave all of the injection?Proper technique is essential.
What if my pet gets hold of food other than its regular meal?Diet must be restricted.
What if I forget to give the injection?Injections on Schedule are essential!
What if my pet begins to shake and appears weak or wobbly?Give Honey or Karo Syrup.
What if my pet is seizure or having a fit and cannot swallow?Give Honey or Karo Syrup.
Can I use the same needle twice!Yes, if refrigerated after use.
Do I have to keep the insulin in the refrigerator?Yes!
Do I have to agitate the bottle?Yes! (However, vigorous shaking
Is not recommended)