This condition is sometimes called a “rodent ulcer” and is a chronic inflammation that affects the lips, oral mucosa, and skin of cat. There are several forms, but the most common involves the lip area. The actual cause is unknown but it seems to be associated with chronic IRRITATION, ESPECIALLY LICKING. The lesions may be spread to other areas by constant licking that damages the skin when done in excess. Many times lesions will be located at points where a tooth contacts the lip.

This condition usually starts as a reddened area and progresses to become a thickened ulcerated area. The lesions may progress to a form of skin cancer. Lesions can become quite severe in a short period of time and involve a rather large area.

Treatment may involve surgical removal and/or medical treatment.

Medical treatment involves: long lasting cortisone injections, ointments, and hormones.

Often treatment in some form will require several weeks to prevent reoccurrence.

Give medications as directed.