Ear mites are very small insects that infest the ear canal of dogs and cats are HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS from pet to pet, they are frequently found in entire litters of puppies and kittens. Ear Mites spread by direct contact with an infested animal. They are not contagious to humans.

Common signs of ear mites include scratching at the ears and/or shaking the head. A black, dry, crusty material is observed in the ear canals of infested pets. When examined under the microscope, ear mites look similar to a small crab.

Ear mites irritate the ears leading to raw lesions that may then become infected with bacteria or other germs. Secondary bacterial infection is very common. If left untreated, severe ear infections, as well as deafness may occur.

Since ear mites are infectious to other pets in the household, it is recommended all pets be treated at the same time to prevent infestation spreading back and forth. Contact your veterinarian for treatment medication.

It is important that the ears be rechecked on a regular basis until the problem is totally eradicated to prevent recurrence.