Congestive Heart Failure:
A chronic condition is a weakened heart does not pump enough blood to maintain normal body functions.
The body fluids tend to “back-up” behind the heart, either in the lungs or in the abdomen. Signs seen by the owner are a result of these conditions.

Signs include:
Shortness of breath, tiring on exercise.
Deep, dry coughing.
Weight loss.
Enlarged abdomen, swollen, puffy legs.
Cyanosis-blue discoloration of the tongue and lips.
Fainting spells.
Congestive Heart Failure can result from disease affecting the heart valves, birth defects, infections, Heartworm, or just “old” age.

Although Congestive Heart Failure CANNOT be cured, many patients can live a comfortable life with proper medical management.

NOTE: As time goes on, your pet will begin to show more severe signs as the heart continues to degenerate. It is IMPOSSIBLE to estimate the life expectancy. Our major concern is making your pet as comfortable as possible so that the quality of life is maintained.