Acute Moist Dermatitis is often called “Hot Spots.” This condition causes a very painful, inflamed area of skin, usually with a bad discharge and odor. It is thought to be an allergic reaction to a bacterial skin infection. Lesions often spread rapidly to surrounding skin.

Underlying causes of this condition often involve flea bites, inflamed anal glands, ear infection, or other injuries to the skin.

These lesions then become infected by bacteria found on the normal hair. Normal, healthy skin is usually very resistant to this condition until the skin is somehow damaged.

Please follow the marked instructions below:
Bathe in the prescribed medicated shampoo to prevent new lesions.

• Wet thoroughly first.
• Scrub in medicated shampoo well with a soft brush.
• Leave soap on skin for 10 minutes.
• THOROUGHLY rinse after 10 minutes.
• Repeat in 7 – 10 – 14 Days.
• Wash lesions GENTLY once daily with prescribed medicated shampoo to remove

• scabs. Scabs must be kept off so that the air will keep the lesions dry until healed.
• Give oral antibiotics as directed for the bacterial infection. (Use for a 10 day
• MINIMUM to prevent recurrence.)

• Give oral Prednisolone tablets for inflammation.

• Spray lesions with Antibiotic/Steroid spray 2-3-4 times daily.

• Apply small amount of cream (drops) to lesion 2-3-4 times daily. Rub in well.

• Maintain adequate FLEA CONTROL! (Yard, House, Pet)

• Recheck in 3-7-10-14 days